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Marrying Across Borders

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A funny and honest memoir about the joys and challenges of a cross cultural marriage. The book deals with issues such as identity, belonging, cultural awareness, social norms and language differences. This book is not just for those who are in a cross-cultural relationship but also for anyone who finds themselves living in a new country.


“This delightfully uplifting book, is worth reading and re-reading. It gives a fascinating insight into the author’s experience of two cultures and faiths and the challenges, first of becoming a Christian in Malaysia and, then, of being plunged into a very different way of life through marriage and moving to Britain. Each very readable and eloquent chapter covers an aspect of the author’s experience, such as homesickness, food, identity, racism and children. Her journey to a sense of belonging is told openly but with great humour, sensitivity and understanding. The pages reflect not only her courage and resilience but the depth and beauty of her Christian faith. This book is for everyone; not just those marrying across borders or for, whatever reason, having to settle in a different country. It contains wisdom for all who encounter the stranger in their midst and who, by their words and actions, want to make a positive difference to their experience.”


“It was an absolute pleasure to read Sheela’s generous memoirs, ‘Marrying Across Borders’ This most enlightening read shows her informed perspective on international marriage, giving others tips for thriving in the UK. They say to write what you would like to read; Sheela has filled a gap for those couples adapting to new surroundings and cultures. As well as us gleaning from her integration and connection with her family and friends, she cleverly elicits the experience of others in cross-cultural marriages.”


“This beautifully written book by Sheela shares how she met her husband to be and the joys and difficulties she encountered as she came to England with Malcolm to begin a new life in a new country. What comes across more than anything is her total faith and trust in God throughout that time and also how her faith has grown. I recommend it to everyone, those who may be in a similar situation, beginning a new life in a new country as well as to Christians who perhaps need some encouragement in their walk with the Lord.”


When God Made The World

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